Fees & Insurance

Health Care Options

UA Students* who are registered for classes at The University of Arizona do not need health insurance in order to access health care at the Campus Health Service (CHS). However, we strongly urge every student to maintain adequate health insurance to cover unexpected medical expenses.

Student Discounted Rate

This option is automatic for currently enrolled UA students. After designated office visit co-payments at the Campus Health Service, charges are then incurred for pharmacy, laboratory tests, x-rays, medical procedures and supplies. The fees are generally less expensive than those charged in the community. Payment is accepted as cash, check, credit card or Bursar billing.


This health care option serves as an ideal bridge for students covered by a commercial or Marketplace plan, where one may have a high deductible, limited benefits or no coverage for charges incurred at the Campus Health Service.

Student Health Insurance Plan

The University of Arizona offers one major medical health insurance policy, which meets the Affordable Care Act requirements and is rated as a top-tier plan. Coverage extends nationwide and has an emergency benefit worldwide. All three State of Arizona university health centers serve as primary care providers and is available to; UA Students, Graduate Assistant & Associates, Online Students, Post-Doctoral Fellows, J1 Visiting Scholars and J1 Student Interns.

*International Students

The University of Arizona requires all international students on non-immigrant visas (degree and non-degree seeking, resident or non-resident tuition); to carry the UA Student Health Insurance Plan unless one qualifies for an exemption. Early arrival coverage is also available.

Online Students

If you wish to access health care services through the Campus Health Service or enroll onto the Student Health Insurance Plan or CampusCare, you will be required to pay the Health portion of the UA Health & Recreation Fee.

Gender Reassignment Benefits

The Student Health Insurance Plan offers a Gender Reassignment benefit to plan enrollees. This benefit is available at all three State of Arizona universities and was passed due to advocacy efforts originating at the UA.

Commercial Health Insurance Plans

The Campus Health Service is a participating provider to most commercial United Healthcare, Aetna, Cigna and Blue Cross/Blue Shield plans for Primary Care Services.

Dental Discount Program

The Vital Savings on Dental Discount Program offered through Aetna and endorsed by the Arizona Board of Regents is available to all registered University of Arizona students, as well as Post-Doctoral Fellows, J1 Visiting Scholars and J1 Student Interns who are affiliated with The University of Arizona.